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          All In One Solar Street Light

          All In One Solar Led Street Light;Remote Monitoring, Remote Control;High Efficiency Intelligent Control System;High

          • Model: HT-OSL

          ·  Technology Parameter


          ·  Features

                 LUMILEDS LED, lumen effciency>160lm/W, higher illumination;

                 High efficiency solar panel, better conversion efficiency;

                 A1 grade lithium iron phosphate battery, high temperature performance;

                 Wide bat-wings light distribution, larger lighting area;

                 Continuous work for 5-7 rainy days;

                 IOT managment, remote control and diagnostics;

                 Easy installation and maintenance;

          ·  Application

                Extensively applied in the roads such as main roads, expressways, streets, flyovers pavements and other areas

                that need outdoor lighting such squares, schools, residential quarters, industrial areas and parks.